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"I believe the commons—at once a paradigm, a discourse, an ethic, and a set of social practices—holds great promise !...). More than a political philosophy or policy agenda, the commons is an active, living process. It is less a noun than a verb because it is primarily about the social practices of commoning—acts of mutual support, conflict, negotiation, communication and experimentation that are needed to create systems to manage shared resources. This process blends production (self provisioning), governance, culture, and personal interests into one integrated system. David Bollier "[1].

Remix the Commons has elaborated (in French) a table summarising the different approaches to the commons (economic, legal, cultural, ecological, knowledge-based, political): you will find it here:

Approaches to the Commons (July 2019)
Economical Legal Cultural Ecology Knowledge Political
Theory Thinking about the value of voluntary and peer-to-peer contributions as producers of the commons (material or immaterial). Thinking about a third category of goods: collective property, distinct from public property and exclusive private property. Rethinking the governance of the commons based on Commoning Managing rival goods (natural resources) outside the market and the state: bundles of rights distributed between producers and users. Access to knowledge for all, fighting against the extension of IPR as a new form of enclosure. Horizontal subsidiarity. Citizen participation. Refounding the anarcho-communist project on the common good.
Examples of thinkers B. Coriat, M. Bauwens, C. Vercelone, Graham-Gibson S. Rodota, G. Micciarilli, F. Orsi, J. Rochfeld, D. Festa, E. Le Roy, D. Bollier, S. Helfrich, E. P. Thompson, P. Linebaugh, E. Ostrom, R. Petrella, L. Lessig, L. Maurel, P. Aigrain, C. Hess, R. Stallman E. Ostrom, C. Iiaonne, G. Arena, U. Mattei, D. Harvey, P. Dardot et C. Laval
Examples of movement and orgaanisations (French-speaking world) P2P Foundation, Coop des communs Savoirscom1 Remix the commons AGTER, Université du Bien Commun, Quadrature du Net, APRIL, Vecam, Ed. des biens communs, Transiscope Commonspolis, Ville en commun,
Examples of action Plateforme coopérativisme (platform co-op) Règlements municipaux pour la gestion des communs urbains Community Land Trust Festivals des communs, Écoles des communs Production coopérative d’énergie renouvelable Terres de Liens Creative Commons, GNU/Linux Fondation Linux Wikipedia Municipalisme, droit, partenariat public commun
Tools and mechanisms Partenariat public commun Mécanismes de propriété collective Charte des communs, Fiducies, Licences FLOSS Assemblées des communs
Actions of Remix the commons Konbit numérique, (service de video-conférence) Atlas des chartes des communs Urbains (Remix) Bureau d’entre-aide juridique des communs Commons Camp Marseille Formations Terre de Liens, web sémantique du vocabulaire des communs Cahier des propositions politiques dans le contexte municipal

Main networks working on this issue

  • In France, Remix the Commons is a collective of production at the service of the Commons movement. See also the other platforms mentioned in the table above.
  • At the international level, see also the P2P Foundation.



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You will find several articles of several newsletter, here:

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With other wiki

  • The wiki of Remix the Commons is an open and collaborative multimedia platform on the commons (in French).
  • See also P2P.


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