How to add a picture

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Two options:

From an external source (website)

If you are sure of the source and think it will stay for a long time on the website, you can just put the url of the picture: Example: Click on the picture on here. capture-141.jpg

But there is no way to change its dimensions.

From your computer

Several steps :

  • Upload the picture on your computer.
  • Go to "Edit source"
  • Chose where you will put your picture
  • Click on the "images and media" in the upper part (just next to the icone "Link") :

Capture d’écran 2022-07-07 à 14.03.34.png

  • A dialogue box opens. In the "file" section, put the name of your file (jpg, png, etc.). Click on upload.
  • In the place where you want to put the picture put the following code: [[File:name.jpg|200px]].
    • If you want it bigger, put 400 px, for example.
    • If you want it on the left, right, center, put: [[File:name.jpg|left|400px]], for example.
    • To go further, see the Mediawiki help page: